Our Bakening Promise

At Bakening, we don't take short cuts.

Our food is made fresh, with 100% natural ingredients without any additives or preservatives.

We do not use commercial fillers, meaning every gram is packed with real wholesome nutrition.

We craft foods that bring out the best in you

We bake in a dedicated gluten-free and dairy-free facility

What's New

paleo and vegan flourless eggless gluten and dairy free cookies gift bag
April No Fool Crunchy Special! 3 for $19.90
Regular price $23.70 SGD $19.90 SGD only
Gluten free vegetarian paleo muffins with pineapple jam on top
Pineapple Jam Muffins
Regular price $6.50 SGD
pineapple jam with pure ingredients, no added sugar
Pineapple Jam (V)
Regular price $12.90 SGD
golden pineapple cake with no added sugar or fat, paleo and vegetarian, gluten and dairy free
Golden Happiness Cake
Regular price $38.80 SGD $29.90 SGD only
Baking Tin
Baking Tin
Regular price $15.90 SGD
flourless, gluten and dairy free Chocolate Fudge Cake in Singapore
Chocolate Fudge Cake Jar
Regular price $9.50 SGD $7.90 SGD only
Multipurpose Chocolate Mix (V)
Multipurpose Chocolate Mix (V)
Regular price $15.90 SGD $12.90 SGD only
Keto Chocolate Fudge Spread with no dairy, only 100% chocolate
Keto Chocolate Spread
Regular price $14.90 SGD $12.90 SGD only


Singapore Paleo & Vegetarian High Fibre coconut bread, nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free
Keto Sandwich Bread
Regular price $14.90 SGD
Singapore Paleo keto low carb bread that is gluten and dairy free with no added fat or sugar
Keto Almond Bread
Regular price $14.90 SGD
Singapore paleo vegan, eggless, gluten and dairy free banana muffins and nut free
Banana Muffins (V)
Regular price $6.50 SGD
vegan paleo chocolate sea salt cookies made with hazelnuts and no refined sugar
Choco Sea Salt Crunch (V)
Regular price $7.90 SGD
Singapore Vegan and Paleo, eggless gluten and dairy free crunchy cookies with sea salt, no refined sugar
Sea Salt Crunch (V)
Regular price $7.90 SGD
Gluten free nut-free paleo muffins with blueberries and no added fat or sugar
Blueberry Muffins
Regular price $6.50 SGD
Singapore Paleo gluten and dairy free bread with no added fat or sugar, keto bread
Cashew Bread
Regular price $14.90 SGD
Singapore Paleo gluten and dairy free bread with no added fat or sugar, keto bread
Almond Bread
Regular price $14.90 SGD


What a godsend for gluten free folks! I just had the Apple Pan, Sea Salt and Hazelnut Crunch cookies and it's OMG-AMAZING-I-COULD-CRY-CAN-I-MARRY-YOU-KIND-OF-GOODNESS. I've eaten gluten free bakes that taste more like cardboard or rubber but Bakening's creations are basically close to heaven for me. Plus, they're healthy too. Never stop baking Ning! Thank you!

Dewi Chen

I just ordered the Hazelnut and Sea Salt cashew cookies, and boy am I addicted!! The cookies are light and crunchy - you wouldn't even know they're flourless if Ning didn't confess in her Ingredients list. I had my sweetness levels customised to bring out the nut flavours even more, and I am loving every crunch (so much so that I unwittingly devoured 1/3 of each jar in an afternoon, and am already planning my next order) BEWARE - Too Cravable.

Cheryl Cai

Being a fitness enthusiast, I am very particular about what I put inside my mouth. Bakening is my answer to delicious and guilt-free dessert. Bought Sea Salt and Lavender Crunch for my girlfriend and she loves them too!

The cakes are delightfully moist, and the Choco Crunch cookies are bursting with a strong and nutty chocolatey flavour. The Chocolate Fudge Cake is perfect for birthdays and anniversaries.

Stanley Woo

Ordered walnut cake for my mum who is a health freak. It was the first time I heard her said a cake is tasty (without complaining how fattening it will be) and knowing that its baked from all the healthy ingredients, she had no complains and ate them happily. Will definitely order again!

Geok Xin

The best paleo cookies I have eaten so far. Love the texture and crispness reminds me of a childhood cookie😍😍😍

Ellen Harjono

Ordered this gluten-free, grains-free and low sugar Walnut cake and loved it! Even the rest of my family who usually has a very sweet tooth liked it. Happy to have found you. Looking forward to your CNY low sugar options soon! 

Serena Koh

The walnut cake is awesome - soft, moist, light, not too sweet. Love yummy and healthy desserts like these!


Crunchy Sea Salt cookies. Can hardly believe they are gluten free, vegan, refined sugar-free and paleo! Totally yum. Definitely wanna try the Apple Pan next! Thanks Ning!

Lynn Soh

Thank you Ning for providing a healthy alternative to my CNY snack pile! The Hazelnut Crunch was sooooo nutty and crunchy and yummy!! PS. it was the FIRST box of new year goodies to get finished at our house. Not even kidding. Loved it!!!

Soo Lin