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Easy to make Keto Croutons

Keto Croutons using Bakening Keto Almond Bread

Keto compliant croutons to give your soups or salads an extra crunch? Sign me up! Super adaptable recipe by @cherbonniex which can be used as a great companion to your favourite meals during the day! 

Keto Croutons recipe using Bakening Keto Almond Bread Keto Croutons recipe using air fryer Keto Croutons recipe using Bakening Keto Almond Bread

Prep time: 10-15 mins, Difficulty: ●○○○○, Serves 2


  • 3 Slices of Bakening Keto Almond or Keto Sandwich Bread
  • Naturel Extra Virgin Olive Spray Oil With White Truffle (A few sprays, based on individual liking!)
  • A small dash of McCormick All Purpose Seasoning, Himalayan Pink Salt with Black Pepper and Garlic
  • A dash of MasterFoods Mixed Herbs (Thyme/Rosemary/Marjoram/Basil/Oregano/Sage)


  1. Simply cut Bakening Keto Almond or Keto Sandwich Bread into small, neat one-inch cubes, bigger or smaller sizes based on individual liking.
  2. Toss seasoning, herbs and spray oil together. Enjoy the aroma of the mixture!
  3. Preheat airfryer at 200°C for 5-10mins. (Optional) Toast for 8-10mins till brown, or until your preferred crispiness! 

TADA! Enjoy these easy to make keto croutons with your salads, soups, or just simply enjoy as a healthy snack paired with your favourite film!

    • Spread evenly for an even crisp
    • Keep leftovers chilled in the fridge and toast em' anytime you want to! :)


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