Prosperity Tea Bundle (V)

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Only available in Singapore.

The best way to introduce healthy diets to people you love is by assuring them that healthy can be delicious too. Give them a set of our 6 popular cookies and 2 tins of JustGreen tea from ZestyLeaf!

A mix of Kukicha, Kabusecha and Hojicha, this signature blend from ZestyLeaf combines sweet and smoky notes to form a complex flavour that is delightfully refreshing. It's the perfect everyday cold brew for Japanese green tea lovers. ;)

Cookies in this bundle:
- Choco Sea Salt
- Choco Hazelnut
- Sea Salt
- Lavender
- Almond Sesame
- Seaweed

➤  This product can keep for a few months (see expiry date stamped at back of packet). Once opened, keep air tight and consume within 1 week or store in chiller. to keep the cookies crunchy.

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Our production facility is entirely free from grains, gluten, dairy, and legumes. Pls be aware that we also process these ingredients on the same equipment: Eggs, and tree nuts (Almond, Cashew, Hazelnut, Walnut).