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Bakening baker and founder, Ning

Our Mission

Eating healthy is never easy. And we are here to help. We believe it is easier when the food is more delicious. So we use our food to empower individuals and foster communities. So that no matter which diet you are on, Keto, Vegan, or just looking for something delicious and healthy - We've got something for you.


Our Story

Bakening started in our founder Ning's kitchen, after she discovered how a simple nutritional change was all it took to keep her hormonal imbalances in check. Prior to that, this was an issue that had plagued her for more than 2 years, and which culminated in countless doctor visits and a reliance on prescription drugs.

Armed with a love for baking, she decided to take matters into her own hands (quite literally), to start a home bakery to help others like herself. In 2017, Bakening, a name derived from "Nourishing, Awakening" was born.

Along the way, she roped in like-minded partners, who share the same passion to make healthy food accessible. Today, the company has grown out of her kitchen into a dedicated commercial space, as well as winning the affirmation of countless customers.

Yet we remain dedicated to making food the same way you would for your own family, using only real natural ingredients you would approve of, and understand. That is why we painstakingly insist on selecting our ingredients carefully, understanding the supply chains and often grinding or blending them in-house. We believe that the nutrients your body needs, can be gained through real food, without compromising on taste.

But we're still not done with our story, as we strive to make a positive difference to the world, one bite at a time. We invite you to write the next chapter together. :)

Singapore gluten free paleo bakery featured on Channel NewsAsia First Look Asia TV show  Ning, founder of Bakening, at Central CDC Farmers' in conjunction with Market Car Free Sunday

So... what's Paleo?

"Paleo" comes from the word "Paleolithic". In layman terms, it refers to humans during the caveman era, before agriculture and all that ultra-processed food we have now.

To me, going Paleo isn't about following exactly what the cavemen ate. After all, who knew what they really ate? Plus, our environments and lifestyles are wildly different now (I bet cavemen didn't need to detox or destress from a pollutive or chronically stressful environment; they didn't sit at office desks the whole day too).

Unfortunately, Paleo has been overhyped in recent years. Some people misunderstand it to be a high-meat low-carb diet. The truth is, our ancestors ate waaaaay more plants than meat, and high-carb starchy root vegetables were a mainstay of the hunter-gatherers' diet.

Paleo simply means evolution. It means going back to basics, eating what our bodies were designed to digest and get nutrients from, and cutting out the processed junk and chemicals that our bodies can't recognise. :)

All of us are unique individuals with different ancestors; there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to diet. Listen to the temple of your soul and it will tell you what Paleo means.

Allergen warning: We bake in a dedicated gluten- and dairy-free facility with eggs, tree nuts and seeds. While all the ingredients we use are gluten- and dairy-free by nature, do note that we don't send our products for allergen tests. We take extra care to prevent cross-contamination but we can't give a 100% guarantee that our food is free from allergens.

To our Muslim friends: Our kitchen only bakes vegetarian products without alcohol (not even vanilla extract). The only animal products we use are eggs and honey. However, we're not halal-certified so it depends on your comfort level if you wish to consume our products. :)

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