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About Us

Our Mission

Eating healthy is never easy. And we are here to help. We believe it is easier when the food is more delicious. So we use our food to empower individuals and to foster communities. So that no matter which diet you are on, Ketogenic, Plant-based, or just looking for something delicious and healthy – We’ve got something for you.

Our Values

Wholesome Natural ingredients

We insist on using wholesome, natural ingredients that you understand and recognise.

Eat better, Live better

We believe that when you eat better, you feel better and live better. That is why we craft food both rich in nutrients and flavors, so that you do not have to choose between tasting good and feeling good.

We believe in People

We believe that businesses can be a force for good. We hope to play a part towards a more inclusive society.

Meet Our Team

How It All Started

Bakening started as a home kitchen, where our founder discovered how a simple nutritional/ diet helped to resolve her hormonal imbalance problem which had disrupted her life for more than 2 years. She then decided to take her health into her own hands (quite literally) after not seeing improvements despite numerous medical visits. After significant improvements, she decided to start a home bakery to help others like herself. Hence in 2017, Bakening was born - a name that was derived from “nourishing, awakening”.

Today, the company has grown out of her kitchen into a dedicated commercial kitchen, winning numerous awards and affirmations. Yet we remain focused in making food the same way you would for your own family. In Bakening, we use only real and natural ingredients you know and recognise. That is why we painstaking insist on selecting our ingredients carefully, understanding the supply chains and often grinding or blending them in-house. We believe that the nutrients your body needs, can be gained through real food, without compromising on taste.

But we’re still not done with our story, as we strive to make a positive difference to the world, one bite at a time. We invite you to write the next chapter together.