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Instructions for Keto Bread Mix

Congrats on getting your hands on our Keto Bread Mix—you're on your way to healthier and delicious meals now!

1 pack of this bread mix can make you a variety of breads: 

2 loaves (like our Keto Sandwich Bread), 6 personal pizzas, 8 hamburger buns, or 24 little dinner rolls. Can be shaped into bagels and pita wraps too. Add herbs and spices into the batter to make focaccia.

If you wish to make a smaller portion instead, you can divide all the ingredients accordingly. e.g. to make only 2 burger buns, divide the mix and all ingredients needed by 4.

Ingredients needed:

Keto Bread Mix 1 pack (230g) 1/2 pack (115g)
Oil (olive, coconut, avocado all work as long as you like the taste) 1/2 cup (112g) 1/4 cup (56g)
Vinegar (any vinegar you like e.g. apple cider vinegar)
2 dinner spoons (16g) 1 dinner spoon (8g)
Water 2 + 1/2 cup (620g) 1 + 1/4 cup (310g)

Tools needed:

  • 1 big bowl + 1 spoon (you can use the same dinner spoon for measuring vinegar)
  • Baking tray lined with silicone mat or parchment paper (not the same as greaseproof paper)


  1. Preheat your oven to 180°C.
    If you can choose settings for your oven function, turn to the convectional with fan / fan oven setting:
  2. In a bowl, add oil, vinegar and water
  3. Add the entire pack of bread mix into the bowl. For focaccia, add the herbs and spices into the bowl too.
    Bakening keto, paleo, gluten and dairy free bread baking mix Bakening keto, paleo, gluten and dairy free bread baking mix

  4. Stir well until the batter comes together as a wet and sticky dough (about 40 seconds)

  5. Divide into desired portions and shapes
    Bakening keto, paleo, gluten and dairy free bread baking mix Bakening keto, paleo, gluten and dairy free bread baking mix


When in doubt, it is better to overbake than to underbake. Ensure that the crust is a dark brown colour before you complete baking.

From the collective experience of our customers, most people using home ovens find more success with smaller portions (e.g. buns/pizzas/rolls) instead of loaves.

Approximate Sizes & Baking times in Oven:

  • Loaf Bread (1/2 dough in loaf pan): 60 - 70 minutes (if without fan function, use 200°C)
  • Focaccia (1/2 dough in flat pan): 60 minutes
  • Thin-crust Pizzas / Pita Wraps* (1/6 dough, 0.5cm thick): 20 minutes
  • Hamburger Buns / Bagels (1/8 dough, round): 40 minutes
  • Dinner Rolls (1/24 dough, round): 25 minutes

keto bread in air fryer

Approximate Baking times in Air Fryer (180°C):

  • Hamburger Buns / Bagels (1/8 dough, round): 35 minutes
  • Dinner Rolls (1/24 dough, round): 22 minutes

Crust will be a lighter brown colour when using air fryer.

*Thin-crust Pizzas / Pita Wraps:

  • Flatten the dough to about 0.5cm thick (press the edges together for a nicer-looking bread :))

  • Add toppings for pizza or blind bake without toppings for Pita Wraps (or to store pizza base for future use)
    Keto paleo gluten and dairy free pizzaKeto paleo gluten and dairy free pizza and pita wrap

  • Topping ideas:
    • Minced Garlic + Onion powder + Pepper + Nutritional Yeast
    • Cheese + Tomato paste
    • Egg
    • Root & Cruciferous Veggies
    • Sauces


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