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Singapore paleo bakery featured on local newspaper
Singapore paleo bakery featured in RUN magazine
Singapore paleo bakery featured on Channel NewsAsia
Paleo gluten and dairy-free bakery featured on The Daily Escape blog
Bakening Featured on Hungry Go Where
Bakening featured in Singapore CLEO magazine
Bakening Singapore Paleo Vegetarian Bakery featured on honeycombers
Paleo Bakery, Bakening, featured on TimeOut
Bakening Vegan-friendly bakery featured on The New Paper



Bakening paleo bakery wins Great Taste Award
Great Taste Award 2019: 1 Star for our Sea Salt Crunch.

"Excellent crunch. Sweetness is spot on." - Great Taste Judges



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About Bakening

Bakening is founded on the belief of eating real food and that nature knows best. Everything here is Paleo & Vegetarian/Vegan, and are free from grains, gluten, dairy, refined/artificial sugar, grains, soy, additives, gums, colourings, and preservatives.

Many people automatically assume that healthy food taste bad, and I want to change that. I also hope to inspire more people to choose consciously and eat healthily. Nature has so much to offer; it's time to cut out the processed junk. ;)


Why: The story behind Bakening

Most people don't understand why I'm so insistent on my choice of ingredients. Why make things so difficult for myself?

When I first started being "healthy" I jumped on the low-fat-whole-grain bandwagon without a second thought because that's what everyone says is healthy, right?

As a result of that diet, I ended up with hormonal imbalances. After 2 years of doctor visits and synthetic drugs with little improvement (worse, they couldn't even pinpoint what was wrong as all my blood tests came back normal), I chanced upon this book in the library: The Hormone Cure by Dr Sara Gottfried. All it took was simple nutritional changes and my problems were all solved in 1 month.

What a wake up call. That book was written based on good research (double-blinded, etc) and it inspired me to read up on science-backed articles instead of mass media articles too.

Now, it's only whole foods for me, including full fat everything, skin on my fruits (even kiwi!) and meat, etc. When you give your body the right nutrition, it will know exactly what to do and how to heal itself.

I hope this awakens you to find a diet and lifestyle that resonates with you. For me, it is Paleo, where you eat according to how you have evolved to digest and absorb nutrients. Stop following blindly. ♥


Passion: What keeps me going

When I quit my job to bake full time, my parents were worried. Why won't I simply stay in my job and be contented with living my life comfortably?

After starting Bakening for a few months, I got asked that favourite question of our century: If you had all the money in the world, what would you do?

I think I used to reply things like, “Travel the world” or shrug, “I don’t really know, actually.”

This time round, I thought for quite a while, before realising, “I’ll actually still be doing what I’m doing now.”

Because I barely even think about money nowadays. It doesn’t mean I don’t think about how to earn money and make my business sustainable. I have ambition for it too.

But I feel so deep a sense of purpose and meaning in what I do now that I find it hard to articulate fully. 

You might find it strange, that there’s actually any purpose at all in mixing a bunch of ingredients together, in breaking my back running popups and events, in weighing and packing 50g of vegan and paleo cookies endlessly.

But you don’t know that when my customers hand me money, they thank me. Many of them were at their wit’s end with health issues and allergies and they really wanted something to remind them of normalcy. They needed something to keep them going, to know that life is still going to be beautiful after all. (A mum even shared that she felt like a lousy mother for not being able to provide nice snacks for her child. She had to hide from her child when she ate "normal" food that most of us take for granted, like bread, so that her child wouldn't feel left out.)

My customers were so excited and happy to have finally found me who can bake them things that are both healthy and delicious (according to them, ahem). They happily send me photos of them enjoying their food without me asking for it. They tell me I’m a godsend (I kid you not), that I should be very proud of myself.

I understand now what “intrinsic motivation” means. Money becomes secondary (albeit still important, and I know that, ma! I'm not just having fun.)

I feel I’ve finally found my gift. This is the value I provide to the world. While I don’t know how long I can keep going, I'll definitely give it my best shot.


What Bakening stands for

When people know I'm Ning, they go, "Oh, Bake Ning." I leave it as that most of the time, as the real reason scares people off sometimes.

Bakening stands for "Nourishing, Awakening". Whether you choose to go Paleo or any other diets or, heck, whether you even choose make your health a priority at all, I hope to have awakened you to make conscious, informed choices. Listen to your body and it will tell you what Paleo means. ♥



"My son has type one diabetes and we are very strict with flourless, sugar free food. I have tested your flourless cookies and totally love it. :)

And when I saw the option of erythritol in your baking , I am wowed. Very few in SG in fact hardly any use erythritol, coconut flour. I was a bit skeptical about coconut sugar but when my boy had your cookies, his blood glucose is quite managebable.

Just wanna let you know that you are doing an amazing job creating healthy cakes, bread and cookies and pls continue to be stringent in your choice of ingredients, and getting excellent sugar free products :) Many bakeries used maltitol which we refrain and avoid.

Thanks for the great work! I have shared your amazing food with my type 1 mummies groups and hope they do know that there is a bakery that offers real food.

Thank you :)" - Serena


"Bakening has amazingly flooofy breads and crunchy cereal - all the things that make me happy :’)

I really love the coconut and cashew loaf because it was extremely moist (as promised) coz it was like sinking my teeth into a cloud (jap bakery level of fluffiness??) It was not too sweet yet I bet that I could devour this entire wholesome loaf at one go without any spread or anything!

The matcha and and cinnamon cereal came as a lovely surprise because it was full of crunchy goodness - the whole pack was evenly coated with robust earthy flavours!" - Candice Chee


"What a godsend for gluten free folks! I just had the Apple Pan, Sea Salt and Hazelnut Crunch cookies and it's OMG-AMAZING-I-COULD-CRY-CAN-I-MARRY-YOU-KIND-OF-GOODNESS. I've eaten gluten free bakes that taste more like cardboard or rubber but Bakening's creations are basically close to heaven for me. Plus, they're healthy too. Never stop baking Ning! Thank you!" - Dewi Chen


"Being a fitness enthusiast, I am very particular about what I put inside my mouth. Bakening is my answer to delicious and guilt-free dessert. Bought Sea Salt and Lavender Crunch for my girlfriend and she loves them too! The cakes are delightfully moist, and the Choco Crunch cookies are bursting with a strong and nutty chocolatey flavour. The Chocolate Fudge Cake is perfect for birthdays and anniversaries." - Stanley Woo


"I just ordered the Hazelnut and Sea Salt cashew cookies, and boy am I addicted!! The cookies are light and crunchy - you wouldn't even know they're flourless if Ning didn't confess in her Ingredients list. I am loving every crunch (so much so that I unwittingly devoured 1/3 of each jar in an afternoon, and am already planning my next order) BEWARE - Too Cravable. Overall, I love Ning's bakes - heartfelt, honest and so very chemically creative! I'd completely put my health in her good hands in a heartbeat." - Cheryl Cai


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