Natural Cocoa Powder

Natural Cocoa Powder

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Natural cocoa powder is an unsweetened product, made by crushing cocoa beans and removing the butter. It adds deep chocolate flavor. It is also found to have beneficial effects, such as reducing the risk of heart attacks, improving blood flow to your brain and improving your mood.

Use them for baking, making your own chocolate drinks or adding into other products such as granola/ yoghurt etc.


250g/ pack


    Simple & Clean Ingredients
    Natural cocoa powder
    Store in cool, dry place for 10 months.
    250g/ pack
    Our production facility is entirely free from gluten, dairy, soy and peanuts. Pls be aware that we also process these on the same equipment: Eggs, Coconut, and tree nuts (Almond, Cashew, Hazelnut, Walnut).